The image below describes the basic content generation and the automatic email notifications generated by the infoRouter document management software to authenticated subscribers.

Document Management Notifications

How does it work?

  • In step 1, user A creates a document.
  • All subscribed users get an email notification informing them that a document has been created.
  • In step 2, user B checks out the document to make changes.
  • In step 3, user B checks in the document to create a new version of this document.
  • In step 4, user C is instantly notified by infoRouter informing of the new version of this document.

This way, no one has to rely on anyone to notify others that changes have occured. infoRouter takes care of this automatically. This is accomplished through the infoRouter subscription mechanism.

Users can subscribe to infoRouter folders and documents for specific events. This eliminates needless notifications and heavy email traffic. The specific events that a user can subscribe to are one or more of the following:

  • New Documents
  • Document Reads
  • Document Updates (New versions)
  • Document Property Updates
  • Document Approvals (Reviews)
  • Document Rejections (Reviews)
  • Document Comments
  • Document Moves
  • Document Deletes
  • Document Check Outs
  • Document Check Ins

This new feature allows users to subscribe to only specific events.

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