infoRouter Records Management Software

infoRouter Records management features and tools allow you to control your vital records at every stage of the document life-cycle. By gathering all your records in a centrally controlled document warehouse, infoRouter ensures that your data is safe and can be accessed at a moment's notice.

infoRouter allows you to:

  • capture
  • classify
  • search
  • retrieve
  • retain
  • dispose

and manage your critical business records and documents.

Being able to Retain and Archive Records is not an option. If you handle sensitive data or work in a regulated environment, it is a requirement.

Enjoy Top Benefits: Safety and Compliance with Regulatory bodies

infoRouter maximizes the safety of your important files while enabling you to comply with regulatory guidelines or agencies such as:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • ISO Document Control and Certification
  • SEC
  • DoD 5015.2 Records Management software guidelines
  • Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS), an Australian initiative headed by the Public Records Office.

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Cut Through the Records Management Dilemma

Records management presents a familiar dilemma: you need to keep your documents confidential, yet in case of an inquiry, court order, or industry audit, you also must furnish evidence of accountability and transparency.

infoRouter cuts through this dilemma by providing you with the best of both worlds: it keeps your files safe and confidential while maintaining a perfect record of accountability. That's why many companies and local governments worldwide rely on infoRouter to quickly capture, manage, route, and process business records.

Over 75 municipalities in Australia use infoRouter to manage their day-to-day records. infoRouter makes them efficient, but it also keeps them compliant with VERS.

Document Handling the infoRouter Way

infoRouter allows the timely logging, scanning, routing, and managing your incoming documents. In addition, you can assign specific tasks, workflows, and even ad-hoc tasks to business records to ensure they are processed according to pre-determined guidelines. This built-in systemic feature to enforce guidelines helps you keep on the safe side of the law and prevent compliance headaches.

Features and Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Safe Records Storage
  • Records Retention
  • Records Destruction (Disposition)
  • Records classification
  • Legal Hold functionality
  • E-Discovery functionality
  • Defensible Solutions features and functionality to stay compliant