infoRouter LDAP Authentication - Integration

infoRouter LDAP Authentication and Synchronization

infoRouter LDAP Authentication and Synchronization is a cutting-edge technology that helps enterprise customers to simplify complex identity management and authentication. The system is designed to work with LDAP servers and operate in a highly distributed, federated environment.

The infoRouter LDAP integration provides the ability to authorize a user account by querying an LDAP server. This way, the user keeps only one set of credentials without having to specify another one in infoRouter.

With infoRouter LDAP integration, your organization can use an existing user directory to create new accounts on the platform. This will make it easier for your organization to keep records up-to-date on both sides of the system while reducing information redundancy. Benefits of LDAP include the ability to use single sign-on (SSO) across multiple applications and provide better security for sensitive data. This allows the administration of user accounts in a single location. Because all users are authenticated from LDAP, a user "disabled" in LDAP will not be able to log into infoRouter.

In additiona to LDAP Authentication, infoRouter provides a built-in tool to automatically synchronize LDAP users to infoRouter. Administrators can choose to synchronize one or more LDAP groups to automatically synchronize with inforouter. All changes done to LDAP will automatically be reflected to infoRouter.