infoRouter Web Services API

infoRouter Document Management Software includes a Web Services API which allows programmers to develop custom solutions that interface into infoRouter. Using our Web Services API, you will be able to retrieve documents, search for documents, upload new documents an much more from your in-house applications.

The rich set of functions can be called by remote applications and web sites to deliver never before available functionality. You may increase the power of your web sites and deliver fresh content from infoRouter. Your existing applications may be enhanced to deliver content into infoRouter.

  • infoRouter is a Document Management Server that can deliver content to remote applications via its Web Services interface.
  • Web Services provide a programmable environment for developers to build custom solutions based on infoRouter.
  • Standard Web Services Interface that can be called from even remote servers to access infoRouter content.
  • Custom applications can be developed to share information with infoRouter.

To find out more about infoRouter Web Services API, visit our documentation pages that explain infoRouter Web Services API in detail.