Importing Electronic Documents into infoRouter

Importing File System Objects and electronic documents with infoRouter

This scenario describes how customers are able to pull in documents with accompanying Meta (XML) data.

Using the infoRouter Import Utility which is a core function of the infoRouter Content and Document Management software, you can import documents in mass. This is usually done at the initial install however, this utility can be used anytime.

This tool allows the importing of a mass number of documents and folders preserving their original structure. No conversions take place during this process. In other words, your documents are managed in their native format.

In certain scenarios, you may wish to import documents into infoRouter with additional data (meta data). This utility supports this by looking for an accompanying file with an XML extension. If it finds such a document, it matches the information in this file to an existing "Custom Property" in infoRouter and populates this custom property. More on this issue in "Working with Custom Properties".

Custom properties can be populated in the described way or also through the use of the infoRouter API in situations where more control is required.

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