Setting up a Document Library with infoRouter (Self-Service Library)

This example illustrates how one hardware company organized their documentation in infoRouter for the purpose of sharing them with their customers.

  • A folder was created for each product line and product.
  • The corresponding content for each of these folders were uploaded.
  • All downloadable documents and images for the product became available online instantly.
  • This way, the customers were able to easily search from thousands of user manuals, drivers, latest software updates in a way that is familiar to them.
  • The content for each product is under constant change and review by a team of members who each contribute to their related areas.
  • Once the newer version of a document or driver is created, it becomes instantly available without conversions or webmaster involvement.
  • Most popular manuals and drivers were exposed on the customer portal so that they could be located instantly as customers navigated to the web site. This eliminated the need for customers to have to navigate through folders and sub-folders.

Once the content is organized, a site like this can be created within a matter of minutes. This is a typical "Anonymous Library" implementation of infoRouter.

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