infoRouter document libraries

Document Libraries - Isolated workspaces for teams and departments

Libraries are root-level folders that can be created and managed by the System Administrator. The System Administrator can delegate library management functions to other users by assigning Library Managers.

Libraries are isolated environments in which a group of users can work, collaborate and produce documents. Only the members of libraries can navigate inside libraries or even see that they exist.

Users and User Groups are assigned as "Members" to libraries by the System Administrator and "Library Managers".

The System Administrator and Library managers can also create "Local Users" within libraries. Local users are created locally inside individual libraries. Local users cannot cross into other libraries through library memberships. They are only visible in the library in which they were defined. Local users can perform the same functions as regular users but only in their defined library.

  • Work areas (Libraries) can be Anonymous or Membership based.
  • Work areas (Libraries) can be Online, Archived or Hidden
  • Membership based isolated work areas for Projects, Departments, Teams etc.
  • Membership is based on individuals or groups defined globally or locally.
  • Cross library access for global users and groups.

Library Policies

Library Policies allow System Administrators and Library Managers to control how infoRouter behaves on a Library basis.

By configuring a series of policies, managers can set rules for whether a certain operation is allowed. Furthermore, it allows you to control who gets to perform these allowed operations.

  • Advanced rule-based policies that control each library.
  • infoRouter behavior can be changed on a library basis (not through blunt system settings)