infoRouter Content Indexing and Search

Time wasted searching for documents is more than one would think. According to IDC, Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information. infoRouter will allow you to find the right document instantly. It uses semantic queries to index and search your documents with zero effort on your part, and can even find the right version of a document.

infoRouter provides instant access to all your documents and helps you avoid data duplication by storing all versions in one place and making it available through a single interface. infoRouter also handles and simplifies information sharing between employees. You can search for the right document by typing in a keyword, without having to search through various folders.

This is perfect for employees who are always on the go and need to work from different locations with limited access to resources. They can use InfoRouter regardless of their location and get access to all of their documents.

infoRouter search can provide accurate results within seconds. Whether you are searching for a specific document or just want to find out if your organization has a document on a particular topic, infoRouter will help you find what you need without wasting time on irrelevant search results.

infoRouter supports the native Windows Search tool to index document contents. For enterprise installations, we also support an industrial strength content indexing engine called dtSearch. dtSearch can index millions of documents and deliver instant results to knowledge workers. You can find more information on dtSearch here.

  • Supports search on the full text of documents' name, contents, and any meta-data.
  • Supports phrase and proximity search.
  • Supports word stemming and synonyms for searching.
  • Supports searching by all of the system-provided fields such as author, date modified, file type, custom properties, document status.
  • Supports Boolean logic (NOT, AND, OR) with search within the text.
  • Search results are delivered based on security permissions of the user performing the search.
  • Search results include "RANK" and "ABSTRACTS" for content search
  • Search results indicate where the search criterion was found (Prior versions or META information).
  • Supports search on both the current versions of documents as well as past versions.
  • Administrators can delegate the definition and management of "Saved Searches" and "Categories" to "Search and Category Administrators".
  • Administrator can define "Custom Properties" which can be applied to folder and documents to assist in searching for folders and documents.

To find out more about Searching for Documents in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Searching for Documents in detail.