infoRouter security and authentication

Document and Folder Security and Authentication

All users must have a valid account in infoRouter before they can access its secure resources. infoRouter accounts are created by the System Administrator and are stored in infoRouter's own security database. Your account is what identifies you in the infoRouter system. It allows you to check documents in and out, and it allows you to be granted permissions within the document and folder security framework.

  • Support for HTTPS - Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
  • Secure off-site access.
  • Supports logging of login and access information.
  • Users can be authenticated from infoRouter or Active Directory.
  • Active Directory users and groups can be imported and synchronized.
  • Role based security for Administrator, Library Managers, Policy Managers, User Managers and Document Owners.
  • Users, Global User Groups, Local User Groups (Document Library based groups)
  • Authors, global groups and local groups are subject to individual security permissions for folders and documents.
  • Security Inheritance for folders and documents.
  • Permissions for folders and documents can be set using following incremental rights:
    No Access, List, Read, Add, Add & Read, Change, Full Control.
  • Conflicting rights are resolved based on C3 Security rules.

To find out more about infoRouter Document Security, visit our help pages that explain Document and Folder Security in detail.