infoRouter Custom Property Sets - META Data

Meta Data is a digital representation of information about the data. It is the data about the data. This information can be used to assist in searching, sorting, and identifying documents in infoRouter. Using metadata (referred to as custom properties in infoRouter) documents and folders can be instantly found.

  • Multiple Custom Property Sets can be defined.
  • Custom Properties can be applied to Users, Documents and Folders.
  • Custom Properties can be of multiple different data types. Data types are enforced.
  • Folders can be configured to automatically prompt from Custom property information when a new document is created.
  • Search screens can be configured to use Custom Properties for advanced searching.
  • Folder View Types can be configured to include Custom property Fields.
  • The same Custom Property Set can be applied to the same document or folder multiple times to form multi-values.

To find out more about Custom Document Properties in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Custom Document Properties in detail.