Managing Documents with infoRouter

infoRouter provides and rich toolset to help users manage your valuable business documents that are critical to your success. Managing users, security and access permissions, User groups, work areas (libraries), versioning and document control are all requirements for enterprise document management.

Document Version Control - history of changes and versioning

  • Audit trails and document tracking of edits and changes to documents
  • Version Comments
  • Version View History (view log)
  • Review and approval history of each version of a document.
  • Access to all prior versions of a document.
  • Rollback to previous versions
  • Advanced versioning

Advanced Document Management using Form Templates

  • Supports the usage of existing standard HTML Form Templates to create and edit documents
  • Enforces corporate standards through template styles. Authors only worry about text content. The template enforces the output style
  • Text entered into Form Templates can be rendered in multiple output styles (Rendering Options)
  • Automatic Form Template Routing from Portal screens.
  • Form data (stored in XML format) and Style information is kept separately
  • Version History is maintained in XML format.
  • Form Data Replication to Custom properties to support logical searching.

To find out more about using Form Templates in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Form Templates in detail.

Advanced Folder Management (Smart Folders)

  • Configurable Folder Management Rules
  • Automatic Custom Property prompts for new documents.
  • Folder Based Security - Inheritable security permissions.
  • Folder Subscriptions
  • Folder Audit Trails.
  • Folder Statistics.
  • Folder Compacting. An effective management tool to handle excessive version counts.
  • Alternative document list view types (List, Details, Comments, Reviews, Thumbnails, Versions, View Log).
  • Folder Custom Properties to assist in folder classification and search. Multiple property sets can be applied multiple times to folders.
  • Smart Folders remember user personalization's and preferences (columns, sort orders, view types etc)
  • Supports a nested "folder" storage and retrieval model, similar to a standard file system
  • Allows more than one "Root" folder (Libraries).
  • Allows renaming and moving of folders without losing history of documents within the folder.
  • Sets no limit on the number of folders.

To find out more about Working with Folders in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Working with Folders in detail.

Custom Property Sets

  • Multiple Custom Property Sets can be defined.
  • Custom Properties can be applied to Users, Documents and Folders.
  • Custom Properties can be of multiple different data types. Data types are enforced.
  • Folders can be configured to automatically prompt from Custom property information when a new document is created.
  • Search screens can be configured to use Custom Properties for advanced searching.
  • Folder View Types can be configured to include Custom property Fields.
  • The same Custom Property Set can be applied to the same document or folder multiple times to form multi-values.

To find out more about Custom Document Properties in infoRouter, visit our help pages that explain Custom Document Properties in detail.

For a full list of features, navigate to the Document Management Features page.