Creating and Capturing Documents - Scan Station

infoRouter Scan Station is a powerful tool that allows users to work a queue of scanned documents. Using this tool, an operator can add Meta Data, enter descriptions, add OCR Text and submit these documents to pre-defined workflows.

infoRouter Scan Station is particularly effective in cases where each document must be reviewed by an operator and high-volume batch scanning is not the objective. Cases where hand-written notes on scanned images must be reviewed by an operator is perfect for Scan Station.

infoRouter Scan Station operators are in control of where the document is placed in infoRouter. The operator may assign custom document properties, enter relevant keywords and text and choose to convert the image into PDF. Finally, the operator may choose to route the document to a particular workflow so that it is further processed by other users.

Key features of Scan Station:

  • Image correction
  • Conversion of image files into PDF Format
  • Ability to define OCR Text content manually
  • Ability to define Meta Data (infoRouter custom properties)
  • Ability to submit scanned images to workflows.

To read more about Scan Station, visit the following pages

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